Informasi Lowongan Kerja Pelaut Terbaru Mempermudah Pelaut Indonesia Mendapatkan Pekerjaan

Loker Pelaut Yuwawira Marine

Loker Pelaut Yuwawira Marine Terbaru


Profil Yuwawira Marine :
Yuwamarine is a company specially estabilished top serve the international industriy in the supply of ship’s personnel. For this future, the company has designed it’s operation with perfect and punctual services” to it’s principals, it cooperation closely with all parties involve in the industry, special focus is directed to the education and training field in order to be able to supply the best qualified seaferers, although the company is considered young in the industry, at quickly reached a place as one of most responsible company supplying seafarers to international maritime industry.
  • GRT 500
  • Singapore Malaysia Trading AREA
  • SALARY SGD 2500
  • COC/COE + STCW ( Complete ) ( Valid 12 month )
  • Please send all your documents (Passport, Seaman Book, STCW, COC and COP ) for faster follow up
if you interest please send me your CV to

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